Foam Components

Custom Foam

Pak-Rite, Ltd - Michigan's foam department is dedicated to fabricating the highest quality, most precise, most economical, custom foam components since 1946.  With state-of-the-art cutting and laminating equipment, we can produce the most intricate shapes and designs in a wide variety of foams.  Our approach has always been "tooling charge free" fabricating by utilizing computer generated designs and converting technologies such as Water Jet cutting, CNC knife cutting, Laser cutting, automated skiving and slitting.  We can manufacture to customer provided specifications or have our CAD department create designs and prototypes for you.  

Pak-Rite, Ltd - Michigan offers a diverse line of fabricated foam components manufactured from both open and closed cell foams including:  Crosslink Polyethylene, Extruded Polyethylene, Laminated Polyethylene, Anti-static, Expanded Polystyrene, Polyurethane, Beaded Polypropylene and Polyethylene, and more.  Densities can range from 1.0 - 30.0 pounds per cubic foot.  Stock colors are Charcoal, Black, White, Blue, Red, yellow and Natural and custom colors are provided based on customer requirement.  Stock thicknesses are up to 6.0 inches, but with our slitting and laminated processes, thickness ranges from .05 - 36.0 inches can be achieved.

Products regularly manufactured in our custom foam department include, Hand-held tote foam inserts, Bulk container foam inserts, Case foam inserts, Automotive rack dunnage, retail and consumer packaging, promotional items and displays, and more custom foam solutions.