Plastic Components

Pak-Rite, Ltd. Michigan is a leader in providing CNC cut plastic sheet components. With the latest technology for processing plastic sheets, we can precisely machine products from a wide variety of plastic and composite materials. As with our other plastic products, our manufacturing methods allow any quantity of plastic components to be produced economically, without expensive tooling changes, and with short lead times. Our processing capabilities include CNC routing, laser cutting, CNC knife cutting, Water jet cutting, sawing, heat forming, polishing and bonding.

Custom Manufacturing

We can manufacture to customer provided specifications or have our CAD department create designs and prototypes for you. Pak-Rite, Ltd. Michigan offers a diverse line of plastic products manufactured from solid, cellular, and composite materials including: HDPE, UHMW, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC, ABS, Polypropylene, High impact Polystyrene, Carbon Fiber, Plastic Lumber, Recycled Plastics, and more. Thicknesses typically range from .05 - 4.0 inches. Most plastic materials are available in the colors Black, Natural, White, Blue, and Red. Custom colors are provided based on customer requirement.

Plastic Products

Products regularly manufactured in our plastic department include, Partitions, Hand-held tote inserts, Bulk container inserts, Case inserts, Automotive rack dunnage, tool identification boards, custom pallets, custom containers, Identification tags, retail and consumer packaging, promotional items and displays, and more.